Our stories

Carmen Nantez“Retention is important to our patients and their families
because it provides continuity of care and builds confidence around
the services we offer. It is also important to management, because high
turnover of staff is costly in many ways. Last, it is important to working staff because we need transparent wage steps based on longevity and the years of experience we bring to Providence.”
Carmen Nantez, RN

bronwen-oneill-sarah-taylor.jpg“I enjoy my work with hospice. I am the nurse that goes out in the middle of the night to help families and patients that are in need of support at a rough time. It has been the most rewarding work of my 29 years as a nurse. I enjoy serving the patients of Snohomish and Island counties. The staff of Providence Home and Hospice of Snohomish County needs your support to help settle a fair and equitable contract that attracts and retain the best staff to care for our community. We thank you for your support.”
Sarah Taylor, RN, After Hours Hospice

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