Patients, not profits.

We don’t want to strike, but we will do what we have to in order to ensure our patients get the quality care they deserve.  Join us to show your support!

We are the front-line nurses, chaplains, and caregivers who provide for our patients at Providence Hospice and Home Health of Snohomish County.  We are at patients’ homes and bedsides when they need us.

We have seen our case-loads increase, our wages stagnate, and our colleagues leaving.  We fear that Providence’s decisions to stretch each of us to our limit, to take on more patients and cases, and to work some of us many more hours is resulting in our patients not getting the consistent, compassionate care they need.  And we know that our stagnant wages– even as Providence profits and the cost of living increases– has led to experienced, dedicated caregivers leaving.

A recent Seattle Times exposé shows that at Swedish Cherry Hill, Providence gave physicians incentives for high patient volume while patient care concerns remained unaddressed.

We’re calling on our community to join us in holding Providence accountable to its mission.  We need an investment in care and caregivers to ensure we can continue to be there for our community.